SAWS Pitches Big Water Rate Hike

By Don Morgan

Your water bill could be going up next year.

SAWS briefed City Council Wednesday about the task of keeping up with the city’s growth while working to maintain the current system.

COO Steve Clouse says they have 2 billion dollars in projects on the agenda. Some of them are just to make sure the current system stays reliable. He says improvements are being made to existing infrastructure and the city’s rapid growth means they are having to add on.

Then there is the issue of developers installing water and sewer systems. As time goes on those systems can’t handle the demands placed on them so SAWS is asked to acquire them in order to maintain their operation.

Once that happens, SAWS often has to go in and do costly upgrades to the systems to make sure they meet standards.

SAWS has requested a rate increase of 5.8 percent next year then a 4.7 percent increase for 2019.

City Council will vote on whether or not to accept the request at their November 9th meeting.



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