Scam Alert From CPS Energy

A warning from CPS Energy. Be on the lookout for scammers looking to ruin your Christmas by ripping you off.

Albert Cantu says they’re hearing from customers who are getting phone calls from someone claiming to be a CPS Representative and demanding money for a payment.

“Scammers use creative techniques to try and take advantage our customer’s and take their money. This is not new, but during this time of year, when people have other things on their mind, these criminals may attempt to take advantage and become more aggressive.”

Cantu reminds customers that CPS Energy employees will NEVER call and threaten to disconnect service at your home or business, NEVER call residential or commercial customers to request a payment by phone, NEVER ask a customer to purchase credit cards or prepaid cards, NEVER ask to enter a customer’s home or business unless the customer initiates a request for service or receives prior notification.

Scammers will often instruct customers to make the payment through a variety of methods, either having it wired to them or through a pre-paid debit card. The scammers ask for the pin number from the card and get away clean.

Cantu warns that some imposters will show up at homes and claim they’re there to turn off the power unless they get paid.

“That will never happen. CPS never sends out employees to collect on a payment and we never show up asking to go into your home unless we are contacted by the customer first.”

If you have by contacted by a scammer, Cantu ask that you call CPS right away to report it.



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