Schertz PD: Attempted Abduction Random

Every parent’s worst nightmare. It all played out in an HEB parking lot in Schertz Thursday Afternoon.

“This was 100% random. There was no connection between him and the 14-year old girl at all” Schertz Police Lieutenant John Correu told KTSA News, describing how a man tried to kidnap a teen in broad daylight.

“The mother of the 14-year old intervened. She basically started hitting him to get him to stop” Correu said, describing how the girl managed to get away from 24-year old Zachary Schultz, who is no stranger to police in Schertz.

“Not necessarily a kidnapping–but through other criminal incidents” Correu said.

After running in to that resistance, Correu said Schultz took off.

“He I guess panicked and took off in his car and exited the parking lot. Numerous witnesses saw it, and got the license plate. Ultimately, that led to us tracking him down and arresting him” Correu said.

Schultz is charged with aggravated kidnapping.


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