Sean Rima: My New Year’s Resolutions.


Normally, I believe most ‘resolutions’ to be a bunch of self-defeating jive, but this year, I am resolving to do the following things in 2018:


1.  I resolve to at least attempt to do the normal healthy-stuff, such as quitting smoking, eating better, cutting down on caffeine, exercising, and using deodorant on a regular basis.

2. I resolve to be better about trimming my toenails.

3. I resolve to spend less money at the convenience store and DVD Exchange.

4. I resolve to reduce my daily alcohol consumption to one (1) bottle of wine or three (3) vodkas a day.

5. I resolve to spend at least a few minutes each night reading The Good Ol’ Book.

6. I resolve to talk to God more.

7. I resolve, whenever possible, to not be my own freaking problem.

8. I resolve to be more thankful about, well, everything.

9. I resolve to help more around the house.

10. I resolve to get my ass up on Sundays and go to church with my old lady.

11. I resolve to spend more time listening to folks rather than running my mouth.

12. I resolve to dance in the rain at least once a year.

13. I resolve to be more prompt about returning my phone calls and messages.

14. I resolve to care even less about what people think of me.

15. I resolve to take my old lady out on more date nights.

16. I resolve to cuss less. No, wait, f–k that.

17. I resolve to call my mom more.

18. I resolve to take my stepson fishing.

19. I resolve, in general, to spread the love.

20. I resolve to not be a jerk.


Well, that’s it. How ’bout you?

Jesus loves you and so do I,

rev s


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