Sean Rima: On The Passing Of Billy Graham.


There has never been a time in my life when there wasn’t a Billy Graham.

I was blessed enough to attend a crusade back in the early 80’s with my church youth group, and while I don’t remember a single word the man said, I do remember his command of every heart in that stadium. You just couldn’t take your eyes off him. His voice was strong and steady, his eyes resolute, but filled with love. I don’t think I have every experienced another person who was as comfortable and joyful in his faith as Billy Graham.

He wasn’t political, although he prayed with every president since Truman. He was respected around the world because, I believe, he was a man with a singular mission, and that mission was to bring people into the Body of Christ. There was nothing else to him. It permeated his being.

One of the most inspiring books I have ever read was Billy Graham’s autobiography, “Just As I Am”. Thinking about re-reading it after hearing the news of Pastor Graham’s passing. He was, and is, one of my heroes.

What an amazing soul. What an amazing life. What an amazing blessing for us all.

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