See Chris Hogan Live

Financial expert and speaker Chris Hogan has authored the new book Retire Inspired to change the way people view saving for retirement and equip them
with the knowledge and know-how to properly prepare for long-term financial success.

Retire Inspired Book Cover flat image


“Everyday more people reach retirement age with little savings, no plan and lots of regret, and that’s not okay,” says Hogan. “I want people to live the retirement they have always dreamed of. But retirement isn’t about an age; it’s a financial number – the amount of money you need to live during your retirement years. By equipping people with the tools and information to take control of their retirement planning, they’ll be able to determine their financial number and take the proper steps to reach this goal.”

Join 550 KTSA and FM 1071 this Wednesday at the Barnes and Noble at La Cantera from 4pm till 7pm.  Sean Rima will be broadcasting live at Chris Hogans San Antonio book signing.  Presented by Stablelift Foundation Repair.




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