Senate Confirms Perry as Energy Secretary

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry can finally move in to the U.S. Energy Secretary’s office.

The Senate rather easily confirmed Perry’s Nomination Thursday–with the former Texas Governor drawing much less fire from Democrats than many of President Donald Trump’s other Cabinet Nominees.

“In short, Rick Perry created an environment where all energy producers could not just succeed–but really prosper” Senator John Cornyn said ahead of the Senate’s vote on Perry, pointing to the former Governor’s record of leadership in Texas in making the case he’s the right person to lead the Energy Department.

“During his Governorship, Texas became known throughout the country as the economic engine that could pull the train of the U.S. economy… and could weather even the toughest national economic downturn” Cornyn said, adding “Under Governor Perry’s leadership, the State promoted cutting edge innovation and sensible regulation in order to foster an all the above energy strategy that revolutionized the Texas energy landscape and the Texas economy.”


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