Senators Look Back at a Busy Week in Austin

By Pilar Arias

The Texas Senate passed 18 bills in seven days during the special session.

“We have been very busy. We’ve pushed through a lot of legislation that supports private property rights, or supports pro life or supports limiting big government,” Sen. Donna Campbell (R-Dist. 25) said.

Members of the Texas Senate logged almost 57 hours in committee meetings and 33 on the Senate floor in a week, according to a press release from Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s office.

“We miraculously found some money for our retired teachers that they deserve but we could be finding money to do things for other people, as well,” Sen. Jose Menendez (D-Dist. 26) said.

Menendez fears if a bathroom bill passes that San Antonio will lose out on the NCAA Final Four tournament in 2018.

Campbell hopes the House of Representatives echoes what the Senate sent over to them.

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