“Serial Abuser” Bill Filed in Austin

A plan for protecting Texas’ most vulnerable from serial abusers… originally launched in Bexar County… gets a Statewide push.

“In Bexar County, there were 4,941 confirmed cases of child abuse and neglect in 2015” said State Senator Carlos Uresti, detailing part of the reason why he has filed the bill that aims to protect children, the elderly, and the disabled from those who would do them harm–even in cases that might not involve severe injuries.

“The bill would enhance the offense from a third-degree to a first-degree offense… which means five to 99 years in prison–or life” Uresti said.

The measure has wide support among the San Antonio Delegation at the State Capitol.

“Our elderly, our children are our most vulnerable… aren’t they” Senator Donna Campbell said in lending her support.

Also behind the plan s State Representative Barbara Gervin-Hawkins–who will lead the bill’s charge through the Texas House.

“It gives the judges and the juries the tools and the opportunity to assess the appropriate punishment in these horrific cases” Gervin-Hawkins said–reflecting back on the horrific case of abuse on Chipping Drive in Northeast Bexar County–where two young children were discovered chained in the backyard of a home.

The proposal is the result of championing that began with Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood.

“The filing of this bill is intended to protect the most vulnerable in our community–but also to send a message that these classes of individuals will not be overlooked” LaHood said.



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