Sessions to Take Turn Before Senate Intel Committee

FILE - In this Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017 file photo, Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaks at the National Association of Attorneys General annual winter meeting, in Washington. Sessions had two conversations with the Russian ambassador to the United States during the presidential campaign season last year, contact that immediately fueled calls for him to recuse himself from a Justice Department investigation into Russian interference in the election. The Justice Department said Wednesday night, March 1, 2017, that the two conversations took place last year when Sessions was a senator. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

By Don Morgan

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions faces the scrutiny of a Senate Committee Tuesday as lawmakers continue to look for a link between Trump staff members to Russia.

But you’re not seeing the big hype that lead up to last weeks Senate testimony from former FBI Director James Comey. We asked Brandon Rottinghaus at the University of Houston why there’s a lack of news networks countdown clocks and watch parties and neighborhood bars.

He says a lot of that is due to the lack of response from the White House following last week’s Comey testimony.

Rottinghaus says people want answers and they didn’t get them from Comey.

You can expect the AG to play defense during questioning.

“He’s going to have to answer questions that are related to his role in relationship to the Russians before he was in office.”

Rottinghaus says lawmakers will also grill Sessions on whether or not he had any part in the firing of James Comey.



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