Severe Storms Leave Mess Across TX Panhandle

By Bill O’Neil

It’s going to take some time to clean up parts of the Texas Panhandle in the aftermath of severe storms that rolled through over the weekend.

“The wind was unbelievable. Just swirling and it’s like it pressed straight down and shot straight back up…. windows were hummin” said Mike Nelson.

“We come out, and this is what we’ve got… two trees on the house, basketball goal on the car” Nelson said, adding he and his wife moved in to their home in Pampa just two weeks ago.

No one was hurt by the storms, which toppled dozens of power lines and uprooted trees in the Pampa area. Forecasters said a microburst could be responsible for much of the damage.

“We have a great outlook on it. Hey, we have firewood now… so, things could have been way worse” Amber Nelson said.

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