Showdown Over Looming Federal Shutdown

A whole bunch of finger pointing on Capitol Hill as a federal government shutdown looms.

“We’re now staring at a Friday deadline to keep the government open,” Senator John Cornyn said Tuesday, blaming Democrats. “Democrats are marching us down a path that leads to a shutdown in order to gain some sort of political advantage.”

“What a terrible thing to do to this country, to be brought to the brink purely for some perceived, temporary political gain,” Cornyn said on the Senate floor.

“To blame the Democrats, with all due respect to my good bipartisan friend Senator Cornyn, I think that’s unfair,” Congressman Henry Cuellar told KTSA News.

He thinks this is the fault of both parties.

“It’s things that I think both sides should sit down and work this out,” Cuellar said. “Darn it, why do we wait until the last minute is something beyond me.”

At issue, right now, money for the Flint water crisis. The deadline is Friday.

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