Don’t Change Your Sport—Just Change Your Day

    If you want to feel old, get this: Florida’s Tyrie Cleveland, asked about Doug Flutie’s “Hail Mary” moment, admitted he’d never heard of Doug Flutie. Sigh.

    But here’s the deal: if you’ve had it with the politics of the NFL & Co., don’t give up watching and rooting for football.

    Just do it on Saturdays instead of Sundays.

    This past college football Saturday, for instance, gave us the Tennessee-Florida thriller with a Feleipe Franks-Tyrie Cleveland Hail Mary hookup for the win, plus the cardiac comeback of Texas at USC (heartbreakingly coming up short behind a Longhorn QB with more heart than skills), plus gutsy upsets like Memphis over UCLA, Northern Illinois at Nebraska and overachievers like Duke and Mercer.

    And don’t look now, but UTSA is a for-real up-and-coming school.

    We’re getting a major league college football program sooner than we’re getting a “major league” anything else.

    College football is under-promising and over-delivering. Players are leaving it all on the field, and keeping the politics (mostly) off the field. The cyclical nature of a schoolboy sport makes for fewer dynasties than the NFL’s economics.

    Aside from Alabama, the top programs are just a few years away from…not being the top.

    Even the CFB, which many of us viewed askance, seems to be working: the bowl system is still healthy, but the crowning of a national champ is cleaner and simpler.

    The concussion issue and the cultural shift of boys toward soccer both hang over the game long-term.

    But, for now, fall Saturdays brim with freshness, promise and unpredictability.

    It’s everything you miss from Sunday, and nothing you don’t.