Signs of the Alamo’s Past?

A potentially exciting discovery has been made in Alamo Plaza.

Researchers said it is possible they have found pieces of what may have been the Alamo’s original west wall.

“You can see clearly bricks stacked next to each other” researcher Nesta Anderson said Monday, adding “They’re made of adobe–so they’re very fragile.”

Anderson said those bricks were found under less than one foot of top soil.

“When you look at it very closely, you can see the outlines of bricks. They’re not going to be the small bricks that you see in masonry structures–they’re larger” Anderson said, quickly adding more research needs to be done to say for sure the bricks were–or weren’t part of the Alamo’s Wall.

Researchers are looking for signs of the Alamo’s original south and west walls. The work will be used in helping to create a new master plan for the complex.


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