More Signs Gas Price Declines are About to End

We may be just about at the end of the road when it comes to those falling gas prices.

“Still seeing gas prices inch lower across San Antonio… the same can’t be said about Texas however” Gasbuddy dot-com’s Patrick DeHaan told KTSA News, adding “Average prices across the State actually went up about a penny in the last week.”

In fact, what you are paying right now is probably just about the lowest you’ll be paying to fill up over the course of the next several weeks.

“We are getting very close to seeing the bottom in gas prices–at least the short term bottom in gas prices–before we start to see seasonal increases begin” DeHaan said.

That comes with this time of year.

“Refinery maintenance is likely to start creeping in to the picture. That’s usually one of the factors that begin to put gas prices on a higher trajectory” DeHaan said.

On the plus side–at least for now–inventories are still very strong–and that may make a bit of a difference for at least a little while.

“We could see another one to two weeks perhaps of gas prices holding relatively steady” DeHaan said.



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