Sinkholes a Continuing S.A. Problem

Two sinkholes in two weeks, but, sadly, sinkholes aren’t a new problem.

“Unfortunately, it’s not becoming a problem now,” Councilman Ray Lopez said. “It’s been a problem for some time.”

About a year ago, he said, the city started working with the EPA, focusing on the fixing the sewer system infrastructure.

“Unfortunately, we cannot accelerate it fast enough to be able to keep up with the unfortunate circumstances we’re under today,” he said, about trying to find the weak spots city wide. “I’ve asked Robert Puente and his (SAWS) team to give us as quick and as intense an update on what the priorities are and where we’ll be deploying resources.”

“It’s an incredible concern,” Councilman Rey Saldana said. “SAWS needs to be sure that they’re attacking the problems with the highest need first.”

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