Smith, Cuellar at Trump Inauguration

Though some have chosen to boycott the inauguration, others are taking it all in.

“Looking forward to a great day,” Congressman Lamar Smith told KTSA News. “It will be a new approach with Mr. Trump, new ideas, a fresh start, and I think most Americans are ready for that.”

He expects an immediate impact.

“I see an immediate impact on trying to reform the healthcare system, reform the tax code,” he said.

Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar is going to the Trump Inauguration, unlike some of his party colleagues.

“Simply because I think it’s part of my job whether it’s a Democrat or Republican President,” Cuellar explained.

He hopes the sides can find common ground.

“I want to see tax reform, one that doesn’t favor the rich, but we actually help the middle class,” he said.

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