Smith, Doggett With Mixed Views of Trump’s First 100 Days

A mixed view of President Trump’s first one-hundred days in office among the San Antonio Congressional Delegation.

“We have a good Supreme Court Justice–that was no easy chore to get done” Republican Congressman Lamar Smith told KTSA News, adding “Mr. Trump has opened a couple of new pipelines… that’s going to help the economy. He took strong action against Syria.”

In fact, Smith said the President’s list of accomplishments may have been greater–had the courts not stepped on two separate orders on travelers from countries with a large presence of terrorism.

“It’s blatant. The federal judges aren’t ruling on the law, they’re referring to newspaper clips and editorials” Smith said.

On the other side of the aisle though, the conclusion is far different.

“Give President Trump a grade of A+ for the greatest broken campaign promises in history” said Congressman Lloyd Doggett on the House Floor Thursday–and the San Antonio Democrat didn’t stop there.

“Certainly, the very greatest number of insulting tweets… no President in history has ever come close” Doggett said, adding “The greatest conflicts of interest… the greatest embrace of authoritarian leaders… the greatest gap between reality and fantasy.”

Doggett tried to take an optimistic view of that bleak assessment.

“Every day we survive without a Trump-inspired catastrophe is a great day for our country” the Congressman said, also delivering a message to President Trump’s critics.

“Sustain the resistance… and remain hopeful for a Trump-free world” Doggett said.



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