Smith, Hurd Weigh V.A. Disney Comment

An agency that needs to clean up it’s act–and fast.

The word from San Antonio-area members of Congress on the heels of Secretary of Veterans Affairs Bob McDonald’s comparing V.A. wait times to lines at Disneyland.

“When you go to Disney…do they measure the number of hours you spend in line?” McDonald asked a gathering of reporters, adding “What’s important is what’s your satisfaction with the experience.”

Congressman Lamar Smith told KTSA News that’s only half right.

“There’s two things that are important when veterans seek health care. They don’t want to wait more than thirty days, and they want to have a good experience” Smith said.

Congressman Will Hurd agreed.

“We should be looking at wait times as a criteria of how good our service is to our veterans” Hurd told KTSA News. He also wants to see the agency do more to address the situation.

“Last year, we passed an appropriations bill with the most money the V.A. has ever gotten” Hurd said.

At this point, neither Smith nor Hurd is calling for McDonald to be replaced.

“We need to make more progress, and we certainly need a V.A. Secretary who doesn’t make light of the times these veterans have to wait” Smith said.

Congressman Lamar Smith on V.A. Disney comment

Congressman Will Hurd on V.A. Disney comment



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