Someone’s Gotta Say This: Hurricane Harvey Edition

The late Tip O’Neill is supposed to have observed: “All politics is local”.

My version: All politics is loco.

If you can only see red vs. blue in the unfolding Houston disaster, no offense, but your cheese might be sliding off the cracker.

If you’re only way of reacting to every flooding post on Facebook is to blame President Trump, or Mayor Turner, or Joel Osteen, you might have only one oar in the water, so to speak.

If you’re spinning this tragedy for your political “team” or talking points, but you haven’t yet made an online donation or volunteered at the Food Bank…well, don’t let me tell you what to do.

Although I’m sure someone will.

I’m a political guy. I’ll own that. But politics has its place and right now, no one can eat it, drink it, float on it or take shelter under it.

So keep it the #^@& off your flood posts on Facebook.

Politics is one thing in our lives. There’s also love, faith, family, work, play, and a host of other things real people make time for. People who are  “only political” are boring. I’m telling you because your friends won’t.

And while we’re here, don’t post/repost fake news. Jetliners aren’t floating at Hobby.

Another thing: it’s truly amazing how many people KNEW exactly where this disaster was going to strike days or even a week in advance. They knew what should have been done. What everyone on the coast ought to have done. Your prescience is awesome. Why didn’t you play Powerball?

Is it really satisfying to sit there and feel mentally superior to the victims from Corpus to Victoria to Houston? They are us. That’s the truth and you know it.

Ol’ Robert Palmer sang it takes every kinda people to make what life’s about, but if you’re seeing what I’m seeing, and instead of tears, prayers, horror, relief, or the indescribably need to do something helpful, you’re expressing some kind of political zinger…then, sorry.

You’re not my kinda people.




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