Something’s still missing in this story

We know more about the charges facing the mother of six of the eight children who were chained and/or unsupervised on the NE side. We know more about the physical injuries (fractures, dislocations, old and new bruises, dehydration) these little ones suffered. We now know who finally made the call leading to their rescue.

Something’s still missing.

We live in a time where people give you the stinkeye for 17 items in the 15-items-or-less checkout.

Where neighbors dime out a veteran whose flag is too large for HOA rules.

Heck, look at all the stories of “free range children” riding bikes, walking on sidewalks, playing at parks or waiting outside stores for parents—and how fast the “nanny state” swoops in to “save” them.

Who knew about these kids and when did they know it? It can’t only have been the lady Fox interviewed. No way.

We need to keep asking this question, even as we keep praying for the miracle of these kids emotional and spiritual recovery, and as we hug our own kids tighter tonight.




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