SOTU Reaction Mixed

Reaction to the President’s final State of the Union Address was a bit mixed with the local delegation.

Congressman Lamar Smith said it was no surprise President Obama would try to put a positive spin on his time in office.

“But his claims conflict with reality,” Smith said. “Two-thirds of Americans now think the country is going in the wrong direction. Both the President’s foreign and domestic policies are making things worse.”

Congressman Henry Cuellar said the President exceeded his expectations.

“Did good looking at the past, but also looking into the future, you know, those major questions that we need to ask ourselves when he talks about education and talks about protecting our national security without being the world policeman,” Cuellar told KTSA News.

Congressman Will Hurd was a little disappointed regarding foreign policy.

“Amazing for me to think that we have ISIS threatening our homeland, we have Iran testing long-range missiles, and the North Koreans detonating a nuke,” Hurd told KTSA news. “And he kind of said this is the strongest we’ve ever been…it’s pretty outrageous.”



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