Spurs Season Begins Tuesday Night

It’s opening night for your San Antonio Spurs.

And they open the season against the odds-on NBA Champship favorite, Golden State.

“As Gregg Popovich said the other day, they’ll get a lot of things that they’re going to be shown they need to work on,” ESPN San Antonio’s Jason Minnix said.

For the first time in a long time, the Spurs have a number of changes and questions coming into the season.

“No Tim Duncan, you’ve got Pau Gasol making his Spurs debut, you’ve got a couple other new faces,” he said. “But, really, an entirely new look (team), we haven’t seen this in years with San Antonio.”

Minnix said, unlike recent years, the Spurs open the season with seven new faces on the roster.

“You’re going to have to actually need to go ‘who’s that guy, who’s that guy’,” he said. “Have your roster handy because you’re going to need it.”

Will the Spurs make the playoffs? “Yes,” Minnix said.

That push, officially, starts tonight.

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