State Confident in Voter ID Law Changes

They’re confident recent changes made to the State’s voter ID law won’t cause chaos on Election Day.

The word from officials in the Texas Secretary of State’s Office, who are watching very closely.

“For most voters who have been voting with photo ID for a long time–even before the law went in to effect–they’re going to continue to vote the same way, and it will look the same way when they’re at the polls” Alicia Pierce with the Secretary of State’s Office told KTSA News, adding “The number relatively is small that would be affected by this. I don’t know that people will notice any difference at the polls.”

Pierce also said they are very aware these changes–forced when an appeals court struck down the Texas Voter ID Law as it was then written a few weeks ago– are taking place in the run-up to a Presidential Election.

“It is something we’re very aware of. We’re going to have some voters at the polls that maybe haven’t voted in the last few years” Pierce said.

The Secretary of State’s Office is confident poll workers and county election leaders around the State can handle the situation. However, if it is something that does worry you, Pierce’s advice is really simple.

“If you vote early, that gives us lots of time to answers questions… and, make sure any (potential) mistakes are taken care of” Pierce said.


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