State Rep Calls for STAAR Test Changes

What can be done to make the STAAR test better?

A State Representative north of the San Antonio area has a few ideas he’d like to see get a tryout–especially in light of the mess we saw with some of the testing last school year.

“We’ve got one district of just over two-thousand students–and, there’s one student in particular whose scores are still missing–this is as of this week” State Rep Jason Isaac told KTSA’s Jack Riccardi.

He’s especially frustrated with how much time students are spending in the classroom these days to prepare for the STAAR Test–looking back at all of the criticism he remembers from the days of the TAKS Test.

“We used to spend about 27-days a year… a school year… preparing students to take that test. Some thought that was too much. When we implemented STAAR–it went to 46-days per year” Isaac said, adding “We need to take away the emphasis on standardized testing. Not preparing students for tests, but preparing them for their future.”

Isaac is hoping at least some of the issues we’ve seen with the STAAR Test can be solved by the districts themselves–with a little bit of independence.

“Let them (districts) go out and source a nationally normed standardized test so you can do the comparisons from one district to another” Isaac said, admitting that would require some changes in state law.


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