State Rep Creates School Choice Flap

The President of the Justice Foundation is crying foul over some comments by the Chairman of the Texas House Public Education Committee.

Allan Parker says he’s asking the Chairman Dan Huberty to step down. Huberty was being asked about his opposition to a school choice bill in the Senate. While defending his stance he stated that the responsibility as Committee Chair is to “protect the membership.”

Parker says that’s wrong because Huberty was elected to protect the people he represents.

He claims Huberty is attempting to protect his fellow legislators from dealing with the issue of school choice.

“I think that is a totally inappropriate motive for a Legislator. His job is to protect children, parents and taxpayers.”

He wants Huberty to step down as Committee Chair but not form the Legislature saying “that’s up to the people of his district.”

Huberty claims there is already school choice and more legislation on the matter isn’t needed.

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