Raising Age of Criminal Responsibility?

A Houston area State Representative’s bill would raise the age of when a child is considered an an adult, for criminal law purposes, in Texas.

Right now, you’re considered an adult in Texas courts at 17.

“In the federal system and in the vast majority of other states in the nation, the age is 18, so you’re not considered an adult until you’re 18,” Rep Gene Wu said.

He wants 18 to the rule in Texas, and he’ll ask lawmakers to support his legislation this session.

“If you talk about 17 year olds being considered adults, you’re giving them life-long permanent convictions on their criminal records for relatively small crimes, for basically things that kids do because they’re stupid,” he said.

And those mistakes, he said, follow these kids forever and hurt them in the long run. He said the juvenile system would help rehab the kids into productive members of society.


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