State of the State Draws Thumbs Down from Dems

Plenty of thumbs down from Texas Democrats after listening to Governor Greg Abbott’s “State of the State” Address.

In fact, many of them said they see an all too familiar theme taking shape early in this Legislative Session.

“There is plenty of divisive social legislation that has business taking up our time” State Senator Jose Rodriguez said moments after the Governor’s address.

Rodriguez and others are particularly frustrated over so-called “sanctuary city” and “bathroom” bills–the latter not mentioned by Governor Abbott.

“I think we all would have liked to have seen… the business community would liked to have seen, and a lot of Republicans in the Legislature would liked to have seen the Governor take a strong position in opposition to this needless and pointless legislation” State Representative Chris Turner said, pointing to what he sees as a missed opportunity amid all of the Governor’s talk about the strength of the economy in Texas.

“We ought to be talking about actions we can take that can be a threat to the Texas economy” Turner said.

While the Governor’s comments drew plenty of cheers from the audience at various times, and many Democrats support his push for reforms at Child Protective Services, Senator Jose Menendez said Abbott was clearly working with an audience that was for the most part friendly to him.

“If I had filled up the place, we could have had people sitting on their hands” Menendez said.

In the end, Democrats know they are clearly in the minority in both the Texas House and Senate–but said they feel some energy amid the protests taking place around the country of late.

“We see people who are ready to get engaged in the political process” State Representative Victoria Neave said.



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