Statue Plan Raises Questions

By Don Morgan

A statue that’s planned for the San Pedro Creek area is creating some controversy.

It’s called Plethora and Allan Parker at The Justice Foundation tells us it’s being erected with nearly a million dollars of taxpayer money on county owned land…and that violates the Establishment of Religion Clause of both the Texas and U.S Constitution.

Parker says the artist stated the statue is the likeness of a Goddess and he doesn’t feel a Pagan statue should be paid for with your tax dollars.

“I’m not against any Pagan group using private money to build a statue of a Goddess on private land. It’s a country based on religious freedom and it that’s what they want to do then I would defend their right to do so.”

His issue is simply with the 735,000 taxpayer dollars being used to put it up and the location. The giant metal statue will be along San Pedro Creek, on land owned by Bexar County.

Naturally we wanted to hear what the County has to say. We were told by a spokesperson that statue is NOT the likeness of any Goddess and comments made by the artist who created Plethora were taken out of context.

“The statue is actually a representation of everybody. It’s a representation of the many cultures that reside in Bexar County. It’s being paid for with money allocated to the creation of public art”

Work to put the statue in place is scheduled to start next month and it should be completed before the city’s Tricentennial celebrations get underway next year.


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