Still Waiting on the Governor on a Special Session

By Pilar Arias

We’re still waiting to hear if Gov. Greg Abbott is going to call a special session and what would be included should one be called.

In the meantime, some are pushing for the controversial annexation bill Senate Bill 715 be included in a special session of the Legislature.

The bill would have allowed homeowners to have more say when a city wants to annex land or neighborhoods.

City of San Antonio Director of Government and Public Affairs Jeff Coyle says the city never supported the bill, and some people living in the Camp Bullis/Interstate 10 area that do currently use city services.

“Eighty four percent of them, according to our MPO, work at jobs in San Antonio,” Coyle said. “They use the roads, they use the parks and libraries. If they get in a fender bender, they’re going to call the police.”

The bill was killed after State Senator Jose Menendez filibustered it.



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