Storms Bring Bexar County Disaster Declaration

Bexar County will have a disaster declaration of its own in the aftermath of the five tornadoes we now know passed through the San Antonio area late Sunday Night.

“I know it may take some time to get all of the debris up–but the sooner we can do that… certainly the more dangerous ones that were split–big trees split in two–the quicker we can do that probably the better” Judge Nelson Wolff told Commissioners Tuesday–a day ahead of signing the declaration.

The signing took place at the site of a previously scheduled County emergency preparedness exercise–and will include suburban San Antonio cities impacted by the severe weather.

“We did have 167 homes receive some sort of problematic… whether there were trees down in the yard, or trees down across the driveway where people couldn’t get out–Public Works is assisting with that” the County’s Emergency Management Director Kyle Coleman told Commissioners.

Coleman said there is a plan in place to begin removing all of that damage.

“On the 27th, we’re going to start removing the debris from the affected areas. Public Works will do that” Coleman said.

While the storms clearly left a mark, Coleman said things could have been much much worse.

“More a quarter of a mile over it would have hit the Army Residence Center” Coleman said, adding “It actually skirted between two nursing homes we have out there off of Crestway.”


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