Straus: More than Top of Ticket at Stake Election Day

It’s not just the top of the ticket.

The Message from Republican Texas House Speaker Joe Straus on the upcoming election.

“Since President Obama was elected in ’09–900 legislative seats in the various legislatures of the country have become Republican from Democrat” Straus told KTSA’s Jack Riccardi at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

While it doesn’t look like Texas is in any danger of seeing a party shift in it’s legislature–the GOP is playing defense in a number of other states.

“We have some competitive seats we have to protect (in Texas)–but, states like Colorado, Washington State, New Mexico, Minnesota–and several others–could go either way” Straus said.

Among the tighter legislative races shaping up in Texas: seats held by San Antonio Republicans Rick Galindo and John Lujan.

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