Strong Opposition to Garland Nomination

We now have a name–but that hasn’t changed a thing for Conservatives when it comes to President Barack Obama nominating a Supreme Court Justice.

“This President will not fill this vacancy. The Senate will not confirm this Nominee to this vacancy” Senator John Cornyn said on the Senate Floor a short time after Merrick Garland was introduced by President Obama.

“This isn’t just about speculating what Democrats might do or the shoe on the other foot because we have a Republican President… because they have told us what they would do” said Cornyn, who sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“The Senate is within their Constitutional rights to not take up a nomination” said Nicole Hudgens with Texas Values. She told KTSA News the proper thing to do is to wait until after the November Election, and give the American people a say at the ballot box.

“There has not been an election year Supreme Court Nomination and confirmation in over 80 years” Hudgens said, adding “There’s no reason to break that trend now.”


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