Studies: Clean Power Plan Could Benefit Texas Industry

New studies show that industrial power users in Texas and across the country could gain a competitive edge in global markets by implementing energy-efficiency strategies from the Clean Power Plan.

The Alliance for Industrial Efficiency ranks Texas first in the nation for its potential to cut carbon emissions and save money by investing in industrial energy efficiency.

According to the report, industrial energy efficiency upgrades could save Texas manufacturers more than 23 billion dollars on utility bills by 2030, while cutting as much carbon dioxide as closing 4 coal-fired power plants.

Lead author Marilyn Brown at Georgia Tech says adopting a low-cost Clean Power Pathway to compliance will provide industrial users significant benefits.

“Money spent on plant modernization or product improvement, expanding the customer base for these products leading to business growth, local jobs, all kinds of benefits.”

Brown says the studies show that if large industries – including petroleum, paper, plastics and chemicals – work toward compliance with the Clean Power Plan, they could not only save billions in energy costs but would significantly reduce the carbon pollution driving climate change.


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