Study: Americans Stick With Familiar Credit Cards

Millions of Americans are finding a credit card they like, and sticking with it for years.

Is that really a good idea?

Matt Schulz at┬átalked to us about why so many card holders aren’t switching things up.

“It appears they really like the bonus points they get with frequent and long time use.”

Schulz says you can probably get more points by switching to a new card because the market is saturated with card companies and some of them are offering some pretty sweet sign-up bonuses.

“It normally takes a long time to accumulate 50,00 bonus points or airline miles but every now and then, you can accomplish that with a single sign up bonus.”

Schulz says to find the best deal, look through those offers you get in the mail. You know, the ones you normally just tear up and toss out. It could be worth your time to look them over.

Schulz says 32 million U-S card holders haven’t changed their preferred card in at least 10 years.


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