Study: Men, Republicans Among Best Tippers

By Bill O’Neil

Hey big tipper.

A new study suggests there are certain commonalities among the best and worst tippers in the United States today.

“The best tippers tend to be men, Republicans, Northeasterners… and folks who tip with a credit card or debit card” said Matt Schulz with Credit

Then there’s the flip side.

“Women, Democrats, Southerners… and folks who tip in cash tend to not tip quite as well” Schulz told KTSA News.

Then of course, there’s the “where” when it comes to tipping. Two-thirds typically tip a hairstylist, about 30% will tip a barista, one-quarter will tip a hotel housekeeper.

One in five restaurant diners typically don’t tip at all, a finding which shocked Schulz.

“Unless your service is just an absolute catastrophe, there’s really no excuse for failing to tip. It’s so important to those servers livelihoods” Schulz said.

On the other hand, those who are tipping are being generous.

“I was a little surprised just at how many people set the baseline at 20% for a tip” Schulz said

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