Study: More Schools Making the Grade

By Bill O’Neil

More and more… schools around San Antonio and across Texas are making the grade these days.

“We’re beginning to see a turnaround, and we’re especially seeing that turnaround with some of the high-performing, high-poverty schools that we have in SAISD” Children at Risk’s Dr. Bob Sanborn told KTSA News, detailing the results of an analysis that measured the performance of more than five-hundred schools across the San Antonio area.

Still, Sanborn said there’s much more work that needs to be done.

“I think that we’re going to all have to pitch in to replicate what’s happening at some of the high-performing schools–but also to get that support at the State level that’s so necessary” Sanborn said.

Specifically, Sanborn said the Legislature could make a huge difference with more funding for early education.

“We’re beginning to see the impact of high quality Pre-K in the State of Texas and certainly in San Antonio” Sanborn said, adding “The biggest bang for our buck is when we spend money on early education… it’s this investment that really pays off down the line.”



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