Stuff I Might Have Learned Today

I stress about going to the dentist. For a cleaning.

But the young son of a man I used to work with has stared down cancer and told it to suck eggs. Big C took his arm and he raises the other one in victory, cancer- and bitterness-free. Maybe we don’t learn grace, bravery, or faith. Maybe we start out with it, and fear and doubt are instead the things we pick up over time.

Got an entirely new perspective on political attack ads tonight: talking with my mostly apolitical, 81-year-old madre. She’s none too enthused about either Clinton or Trump. But she had seen the ads—the one with the little girls hearing Trump’s litany of putdowns of women. She thought it was a Trump ad because he’s doing all the talking. Similarly, she saw  the one with military vets watching TV and hearing Trump say crazy-sounding stuff. Again, he does all the talking—she thought it was his ad. Couldn’t understand why he thought those ads would help him. Was shocked to learn they’re Clinton ads.

I wonder if she’s the only one, and if this is considered a bug or a feature.

She’s still not too enthused about either of them. Probably, the more presidents you remember, the more acute that condition is.

Advice from friends is excellent when you’re asking for it. Annoying when it’s unsolicited. Today, I asked for it, and it was priceless.

People without children sometimes have profound insights into parenting, because you and I are too close to the forest to see the trees. And the trees can be exhausting.

There was more on TV when we had three channels. Think about it. They’re filling up whole channels on cable with the groaning shelves of content from the time when there were just three networks.

Finally, one more thing–

This talk by 9-year-old Zianna Oliphant has moved and saddened people all around the world. And I feel it, and I understand that reaction.

But, and maybe you think this is odd, it gave me hope.

Again, maybe we come into this world with more grace than we realize, and we have to figure out how not to lose it.

She inspires hope that we can.



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