“Sugaring” is a verb and probably not what you think

It was a good weekend for selective outrage, so I couldn’t let this one go for a called strike.

Associated Press trotted out a warmed-over “Didja know?!” story about how college coeds sometimes find “sugar daddies” (not members FDIC) to provide the funds for tuition, etc. etc. It even has its own verb, “sugaring”.

You crazy kids! When I was young, “sugaring” is what you did to Corn Flakes. Or “honeying”. God, I can only imagine what “honeying” means today.

Anyway, just a quick thought here, lest we overthink the whole thing, since it does seem like only a variation on online dating:

Are the people who are tut-tutting these young women for a.) making this choice b.) taking this risk or c.) a and b also scandalized that law school could charge $50-70K a year?! Or that the higher education bubble is driven by recklessly pushing young people into college and toward degree programs with nary a thought as to how much debt they will end up with? Are you scandalized that it’s fiscal malpractice to encourage the pursuit of degrees for which the job prospects are dismal?  Are you scandalized by how every political move to pour more tax money (or debt forgiveness) into the system only drives UP the tuitions?

The rich guys with the 19-year-old “companions” aren’t the only sugar daddies.

But are they the only ones you notice?

If you want to work up some righteous indignation, these girls aren’t the best target for it.


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