Summer Means More Door to Door Salespeople

By Don Morgan

Chances are you’ve been visited by a door to door sales rep. Companies sometimes send out sales people this time of year as some parents are home with the kids during the summer.

They may be selling everything form home security systems to magazine subscriptions and while most are legitimate, some are looking to rip you off.

The Better Business Bureau is sending out a reminder to do some research before you agree to buy anything.

The agency’s Miguel Segura says to never buy on impulse when you’re visited by a salesperson at you home.

“Don’t ever fall for the once in a lifetime, you have to buy now sales pitch. Tell them you need to do some research first.”

He also warns that some scammers may come back to strike later.

“Keep in mind that some fake salespeople may come to your home because they’re taking a closer look for a way to break in. Ask for identification, like a company ID with their photo. Maybe even a business card with the company phone number.”

If you feel as though someone has come to your home in an attempt to rip you off, contact the Better Business Bureau and file a report.



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