Sunday 2/4: Reading “Hush Money” by Robert Parker

In the mid-’80s, working and going to school in Boston, it was routine to see on-location shooting of the TV series “Spenser”. Robert Urich played the P.I. who stars in dozens of mysteries penned by the late Robert Parker.

“Hush Money” falls about in the middle of the series; Spenser looks into a burgeoning suicide/scandal at a local college. For my money, Spenser novels are among the best for quick action and witty dialogue.

Odd note: In the novels, Spenser and his longtime love interest, Susan Silverman, live apart most of the time. In real life, Robert Parker and his wife Joan, lived on separate floors of the same Boston home. She stayed with him til his death. In a TV interview late in life, they asked Parker about the living arrangement. “”I want to make love to my wife for the rest of my life, but I never want to sleep with her again.”




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