Support For Small Business Grows In SA

Some new numbers from the City’s Economic and Development Department showing nearly half of the city’s contract dollars are spent on local businesses owned by women and minorities.

For fiscal year 2017, 49 percent of those contracts or 249 million dollars were paid to companies that fall under that category.
Mayor Ron Nirenberg says more than 500 local, small, minority and women owned businesses participated in contracts with the city.

There’s been a lot of progress. Back in 1992 the city established a program to make sure all groups got a fair shot at city contracts. At that point only 10 percent of city contract dollars were paid to minority and women owned small, local businesses.

“As long as I am chairing the Economic and Workforce Development Committee and have a role in shaping the strategic plan for our city’s economic growth, supporting a healthy business environment will not only be the goal, it will be our obligation,” District 3 City Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran said. “I commend City staff for taking to heart City Council’s mandate to uplift local small, minority, and women businesses through the SBEDA program. It demonstrates how our policy direction is making an impact, and these results are very encouraging.”

The companies represent a wide variety of industries from Architecture and Engineering to Construction and Goods and Supplies.



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