Study: Voters Can Tell if Election System is Secure

You step up to the ballot box to cast your vote–but can you really tell if the system that’s recording your vote is secure?

Some new research suggests the answer to that question is clearly “yes.”

“We found that they were able to tell when they were voting on a system that had all of these extra security mechanisms” Rice University’s Claudia Ziegler Acemyan told KTSA News in describing some recent research conducted by the school.

That study included three groups of voters, one casting votes with a standard paper ballot, another using a paper ballot with enhanced security measures, and a third voting with a paper ballot using fake security features.

“The study did not look at if they could tell if their system had been tampered with, but just the fact they are able to realize their system is doing these extra things for them to keep their vote safe is very important” Ziegler Acemyan said, adding it appears clear voters are looking for those added security features these days.

“It seems so… during this election they are” Ziegler Acemyan said, seeing that development this time around as a positive.

“One of the great things about this election are those concerns about the potential for vote tampering and so forth are brought to the forefront” Ziegler Acemyan said.


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