Taco Hell: The Most Predictable, Unbelievable Thing We Learned Today

The Converse tea party at the Taco Bell on FM 78 has put us on the map. Finally.

Say it with me: “world-class city”.

“Keep your shirt on” gets a whole new meaning.

Tonight we learn from KSAT12 (the best coverage of Taco Hell) tha the incident, which just went viral, happened 4 months ago.

How was this covered up? You know the answer: Russians.

But here’s the capper: there was a gentleman picking up drive-thru food for his pregnant wife. Richard Lopez tells KSAT12: “while everyone stood around recording the confrontation, no one called the police.

“Lopez says when he called 9-1-1, they showed no other call…for that location. Lopez stayed in the drive-thru on the phone with dispatch until  he saw six police cars pull-up…” 

He never got the food that night.

I wonder how many fights, muggings, car crashes and the like go un-reported for a while, or unreported period—because our first impulse isn’t to help, or call for help.

First order of business is to get out the camera phone.

Lopez is such a good guy that he even made a point of informing other cars pulling into the drive up lane that, based on what he was seeing, they probably would not be getting their triple crunch wraps.

Thanks, Richard Lopez. May there be more like you.




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