Would you take this from SA to Dallas?

“Individual pods” sounds like something Bernie Sanders is promising.

Or, the aliens invade, and Bill Pullman and Will Smith aren’t able to stop them.

I was reading about this thing called the “SleepBus”, which is not even a bus, but a Volvo truck that runs between San Francisco and Los Angeles, offering a rolling alternative to flying.

For $48, you get a “pod” for sleeping, using wi-fi or hyperventilating ‘cuz you don’t like small spaces. It drives all night (hence the name) and you wake up rested and ready. Or missing your only five dollar bill, like Veronica Lake in “This Gun for Hire”.

It does sound like the making of a movie starring George Kennedy and Peter Falk. A young, unhinged Christopher Walken kills the driver and takes the unsuspecting, snoozing passengers hostage for a big ransom.

Considering that you’re basically overnighting yourself like a package, could you see this replacing a long drive or more expensive hop on Southwest?


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