Tattoo Leads A.C.S. to Malinois Mystery

Animal Care Services

Animal Care Services has a Malinois mystery on its hands.

Officials rescued a Belgian Malinois last week from a home on Espinosa Street after receiving a report of animal cruelty.

(Animal Care Services)

“She had a lot of issues,” spokeswoman Lisa Norwood told KTSA.  “Severely emaciated, a lot of hair loss, clearly not been taken care of.  But then mysteriously, she had a tattoo in her right ear.”

The tattoo led them to believe the dog — named Lady — may have had a military or law enforcement background.

The tattoo is black block lettering with what A.C.S. believes reads B-H-K-E-D-E.

“We’ve been looking and looking to find out information.  We checked with Lackland, we’ve checked with the T.S.A., we’ve checked with the National Dog Registry with their tattoo database,” Norwood explained.  “They have all been a dead end.”

Now, they need your help.

They are looking for any information on the dog — especially any possible military history — that can help their animal cruelty investigation.

Any information should be relayed to 3-1-1.





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