Taylor Weighs In On “Religion and Poverty” Comment

San Antonio’s Mayor is surprised she has created a national stir with some recent comments about poverty and religion.

Specifically, Mayor Ivy Taylor was asked about the systemic causes of generational poverty.

“To me it’s broken people… you know… people not being in a relationship with their creator” Mayor Ivy Taylor said during a recent Mayoral Forum streamed by NOWCastSA.

Taylor said she has since gotten an earful over those comments.

“The comment was picked up by some atheist groups–and we’ve gotten quite a bit of correspondence from them. We’ve received some calls into those office from those who were offended by that reference to God” Taylor said.

The Mayor insisted she was not trying to cast blame on anyone.

“By no means was I trying to imply or blame people for being poor–or imply they had done something wrong” Taylor told KTSA’s Trey Ware, adding “I was just sharing my perspective from a spiritual perspective.”



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