Terror Expert: Apple Should Help Feds

Should Apple help the Feds crack the cell phone used by the San Bernardino terrorists?

For Apple CEO Tim Cook, the answer is clearly “No”–a position he explained in an email.

While Cook claims to be worried about privacy–and what Apple’s help might mean for the future, at least one terrorism expert completely disagrees with his take.

“That’s a reasonable request by the Federal Judge” said St. Mary’s University Center for Terrorism Law Director Jeffrey Addicott, who told KTSA’s Jack Riccardi it’s really a simple question to answer.

“When you add in to the equation weapons of mass destruction–where these people want to kill us in the millions–not just n the twenties or thirties if they can… it’s a nor brainer” Addicott said, also pointing out the Constitution guarantees a reasonable expectation to privacy–not an absolute right.

“This is criminal activity–and, normal citizens can communicate…. but, we’re not communicating in terms of engaging in criminal activity–particularly when you have something this serious” Addicott said.


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