Terror Expert Weighs in on London Attack

All of the ingredients were there–the word from at least one terrorism expert in the aftermath of Wednesday’s attack in London.

“There’s a lot of radical Islamic extremists in Britain” Saint Mary’s University School of Law Terrorism Law expert Dr. Jeffrey Addicott told KTSA’s Jack Riccardi in the aftermath of the attack.

“You can just go to Youtube and see these people going up and down the streets crying out that they want Sharia law and that Britain needs to be thrown in to the ocean” Addicott said.

Addicott also suggested the location of the attack–the Westminster bridge and the area around Britain’s Parliament–may have been well thought out.

“It’s a very congested place–of course, there’s a lot of tourists coming in to that area this time of the year” Addicott said.

While the British do have their challenges when it comes to the fight against terrorism–Addicott also pointed out they have been able to head off a lot of potential attacks in recent years.

“They’re not hamstrung with a lot of the regulations that we have–and, they’ve amended their criminal code to allow law enforcement greater latitude to arrest and detain suspected terrorists” Addicott said.


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