More Texans Prefer To Dial A Doc

Getting medical advice over the phone is an option more Texans are supporting.

Bill Hammond at the Texas Association of Business says they’ve done a survey that finds Doctors and patients are using the phone to diagnose common medical conditions.

“Rather than driving to the Doctor, taking you kid out of school, losing time from work, they’d rather be able to talk to the Doctor and see if a telemedicine visit will work for them.”

Hammond says as Doctor and ER visits become more costly, telemedicine is a much more affordable option.

“And think about rural Texas.” It would take hours in some cases to get to the actual Doctor’s office. This way they can make the call to see if they actually need to be seen in person rather than making a long drive for an issue that could have been solved over the phone.”

You can learn more about this new approach to health care by visiting TXBIZ dot Org.



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